It’s February! Oh goodness.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to blog for a bit, because working (a lot) + training (a lot) + sleeping (badly) left me exhausted for the last couple of weeks. I’m sticking to my resolution of putting me first, even if that means I have to skip a few blog posts.

So what’s been happening lately? Glad you asked.

The second post with Michael Liberzon in our series on FTP testing went up at X3 Training…gosh, almost two weeks ago now. We talk about how to use the data from the FTP test you performed after reading our first post (and if you missed that one you can find it here).

I also raced the Robbie Burns 8k in Burlington on January 25th, finishing in 36:52 and 6th in my age group. I had Hector and my Dad and Step-mom come out (dressed very warmly) to cheer me on, and saw Coach Paolina after the race (she totally crushed it). DUDE. Fun race, even if it was cold.

Robbie Burns 8k Results

Last week was a recovery week following the race, so a little easier than usual.

Monday: easy swim

Tuesday: skipped my run

Wednesday: swim (crushed it)

Thursday: spin class

Friday: off

Saturday: run (1:20) + spin

Sunday: ride (2:00) + run (0:30) + spin

Neat Stuff:

I do a lot of reading about the most random stuff sometimes, and don’t always get a chance to post it on social media. Here are a few of my favourites from this week.

  1. Triathlon: A Sport of Gender Equality?: professional triathlete, Sara Gross, kicks off a fascinating four part in-depth series evaluating gender equality in triathlon.
  2. Google’s Scientific Approach to Work-Life Balance (and Much More): really interesting research into how people separate work and life, and whether it makes a difference.
  3. TEDx: The Hows and Whys of Ultra Racing: in case you ever need to find the words to describe why you pay money to torture yourself.

Until next week…


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