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My Top 5 Moments from 2015

In the past twelve months, I have unknowingly become a different person. I didn’t start out trying to change who I am, but part of the process of becoming an elite endurance athlete involves becoming someone very different from who you thought you were. Along this journey, there have been several moments that shifted my trajectory to who I am… Read more →

A Day in the Life of Ironman Training

Ironman training with a full-time job? It’s hardly unusual – even the pros have side projects and careers outside the sport which take up time I’m sure they’d rather spend lounging on the couch. We all have the same amount of time in a day, so triathlon training quickly becomes an exercise in establishing priorities and figuring out what really… Read more →

Let’s be Compassionate

Welcome to January, the month of Resolutioners. This morning I went for a swim at my local pool. I usually swim with a Masters group, but since we’ve been on holidays I’ve been using the public lane swim which can be rather crowded. With seven people to a lane and usually three or four of them resting at any given… Read more →

I’m paying WHAT for this?!?

Remember how everyone says triathlon is expensive? Well, um, it turns out it can get like really crazy ridiculous expensive when you really get into it. I’m kind of regretting actually having done this calculation. Just in case anyone else feels like falling off their chairs today, here’s what I expect to pay over two years for my quest for… Read more →

I’m a Schmuck, Are You?

You ever wonder how people get sucked into ridiculous schemes that you just know won’t work? Making money, finding love, losing weight, getting rid of your acne…there are lots of scams out there just waiting for suckers to fall for them. I’ve been up on my “how does anyone possibly think cutting out all carbs is a healthy way to… Read more →

Zoning In vs. Zoning Out

This week was my last of six research sessions at University of Toronto, each conducted on a bike facing a blank wall with no TV, no music, end even no talking. It seems like a no-brainer that those hour-long sessions would be incredibly boring, but it highlighted one of the most important parts of training: mental strength and being able… Read more →