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Follow-Me: Saturday Edition

Thanks to Toronto runner and all-around fantastic blogger Carmy for kicking off Follow-Me Tuesday (or at least that’s what I’m calling it) with Sweat Pink Canada bloggers! Check out what everyone else did at the bottom of this post. Ever wonder what a typical long training day looks like? If you follow me on Instagram then you already got a… Read more →

It’s February! Oh goodness.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to blog for a bit, because working (a lot) + training (a lot) + sleeping (badly) left me exhausted for the last couple of weeks. I’m sticking to my resolution of putting me first, even if that means I have to skip a few blog posts. So what’s been happening lately? Glad you asked. The… Read more →

Sunday Update: January 18

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already! This week flew by – between work, training and sleeping there wasn’t much time left for anything else, but that’s just how I like to live: jumping from one activity to another with barely any downtime. It might be busy, but this week was just fun. #Winning Part of that fun came from a… Read more →

Sunday Update: January 11

As my training goals change from completing to performing, I’m realizing that there is less and less room for error in other parts of my life like sleep, stress and nutrition. This week’s reminder came in the form of a really horrible swim workout on Friday because I hadn’t been sleeping or eating properly, and I wasn’t recovered from a… Read more →

Sunday Update: January 4

It definitely did not feel like basically my third week off work, but I’m itching to get back now and have something to do all day other than waste time on social media. Too much time on my hands just means I dick around all day and don’t actually get anything done. Training: My biggest week in a long time,… Read more →

Sunday Update: December 21

Um, yeah, so…food. I’ve been in Miami visiting Hector’s family for the week, which resulted in a lot of eating out, family gatherings, barbeques and even a birthday party; beyond this, I’ve been trying all sorts of Venezuelan food (I haven’t found any I don’t like, although I pick the olives out of the pan de jamón) which has been… Read more →

Sunday Update: December 14

So beyond working almost 50 hours this week, finishing my Christmas shopping (okay, mostly) and training as usual, a couple things made this week exciting. FTP Test The first exciting thing was of course my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) test on Saturday! This is ridiculously exciting because it’s pretty much the most important benchmarking for cycling fitness, which includes the… Read more →