Author: Kim Osborne

Kim is an Ironman triathlete, food blogger, IT professional and energetic goal-seeker set on doing all the awesome things she can fit in one lifetime. When she's not training, eating, sleeping or designing IT systems you can find her blogging at, teaching spin classes, cuddling with the two most adorable kitties in the world, or going on adventures with a wonderful guy named Hector.

Ironman Louisville 2016

Ironman Louisville was both my last race of 2016 and my last chance to qualify for Kona before the end of my self-imposed two year deadline. It’s also a special race because Hector proposed there before racing last year (seriously, the man cannot be trusted during taper), so I figured that had to bring some good luck or at least… Read more →

MSC Gravenhurst Triathlon – Olympic & First EAG Win!

After three crazy weeks of having family visiting from South America, getting married (!!!), honeymooning/cycling in Spain, and then sleeping like crazy for a week and hosting a reception the night before the race, I wasn’t really sure what to expect at my first Olympic distance triathlon in three years. Fortunately, I don’t think any of the athletes could have… Read more →

My Top 5 Moments from 2015

In the past twelve months, I have unknowingly become a different person. I didn’t start out trying to change who I am, but part of the process of becoming an elite endurance athlete involves becoming someone very different from who you thought you were. Along this journey, there have been several moments that shifted my trajectory to who I am… Read more →

Transforming Self Image: Ethan

This post is part of a series of interviews showcasing the real-life experiences of age-group triathletes racing Barrelman triathlon on September 20. Check out my other interviews with Jana, Marc and Harris! Ethan eloquently captures so many of the things that make triathlon special, from the focused energy of triathletes at a race to the challenges of keeping a fridge… Read more →